Latin American Practice & Process Gathering (LAPPG) 2024

Duración December 4 to 6, 2024

EAFIT University, Medellin, Colombia. In-Person Event.

Practice and Process Studies (PPS) take a research approach that focuses on understanding how practices and processes work and evolve in different organizational contexts.


Latin American practice & process gathering (LAPPG) 2024

Connecting the Latin American community of Research in Practice and Processes

  • Virtual Preprogram “Key concepts of practice and process perspectives in Management and Organization Studies”
  • Keynotes
  • Research Clinics
Practice and Process Studies (PPS) take a research approach that focuses on understanding how practices and processes work and evolve in different organizational contexts. These studies investigate how organizations emerge, develop, or disappear over time, and analyze the factors that influence these processes, such as internal and external tensions, conflicts, and power dynamics, among others.

PPS adopt a multidisciplinary approach that combines theories and methods from various disciplines, such as sociology, organizational psychology, economics, and anthropology, among others. The objective of Practice and Process Studies is to understand how practices and processes are produced and transformed in organizations, to generate applied knowledge to improve efficiency, adaptability, and organizational performance.

In Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia, Practice and Process initiatives have been established to disseminate, develop, and advance related studies. However, access for Latin American academics to these initiatives is often difficult. Although there is a growing community of PPS researchers in the region, it is fragmented and, sometimes, collaborations are limited to sporadic connections with scholars from around the world or focus exclusively on a single country, such as Brazil. Paradoxically, much of the high-visibility research on practices and processes in Latin America takes place outside the continent.

LAPPG 2024 is an opportunity for the consolidation of a Latin American community dedicated to PPS research. It will also offer a space to connect with international researchers interested in Latin America, to promote international collaboration and the exchange of knowledge.

Event objective
Provide a space for the consolidation of a sustainable Latin American research community for the study of practices and processes, transferring cutting-edge knowledge from the global academic conversation to create networks and capacity for high-impact research.
Event audience
  • Researchers interested in practice and process approaches, in Management and Organization Studies
  • PhD and research master’s students
  • Practitioners*: entrepreneurs, consultants, managers and professors in management (*special event)
Event themes
  • Process Studies
  • Practice Studies
  • Strategy as Process and Practice SAP
  • Entrepreneurship as Process and Practice EAP
  • Organizing
  • Visualizing and Publishing Practice and Process Research
  • Practice and Process research in Latin America
Academic agenda
Rates and important dates
  • General rate for students and researchers – Early bird, until 06/30/24: USD 210
  • General rate for students and researchers – Full rate, until 09/15/24: USD 250
  • General rate for practitioners – special event, until 09/15/24: USD 80
Important dates
Activity Dates
Preprogram “Introduction to practice and process research”  From 09/15/24 to 10/31/24
Track Selection for day # 2: T1 – Strategy as Process and Practice; T2 – Organizing; T3 – Entrepreneurship as Process and Practice Until 10/31/24
Submission of extended abstract* from students and researchers interested in the Research Clinics.

*Maximum 2000 words, including references 

Until 10/31/24
Extended abstract review Until 11/15/24
Assignment of extended abstract to groups for Research Clinics Until 11/15/24
Confirmation of selected participants in the Research Clinics Until 11/15/24
Request for prior reading and comments Research Clinics Until 11/15/24
Final agenda publication of the abstracts that will participate in the Research Clinics Until 11/15/24
LAPPG 2024 December 4 to 6, 2024
Organizing Committee
Cristina Vélez Valencia 

Dean School of Administration

EAFIT University


Martha Eugenia Reyes Sarmiento, Ph.D.

Luz María Rivas Montoya, Ph.D.

Maria Andrea De Villa Correa, Ph.D.

Mariano Gentilin, Ph.D.

Diego Rene Gonzales Miranda, Ph.D.

Jorge Iván Vélez Castiblanco, Ph.D.

Natalia González Salazar, Ph.D.

Heiko M. Schmidt, Ph.D.

Professors School of Administration

EAFIT University


Lenis Yelin Araque

Virginia Helena Duque Tirado

Oscar Andrés Galindo Rodriguez

Manuel Alejandro Henao Restrepo

Lucia Palacios Moya

Juan Sebastián Aristizábal Gómez

Doctorate Administration Students


Laura Alzate Aguirre

Laura Manuela Pérez Sáenz

Students School of Administration              


Natalia Vásquez Piedrahíta


About Colombia and the event
More information: lappg@eafit.edu.co



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