Latin American Practice & Process Gathering (LAPPG) 2024

Duración December 4 to 6, 2024

EAFIT University, Medellin, Colombia. In-Person Event.

Practice and Process Studies (PPS) take a research approach that focuses on understanding how practices and processes work and evolve in different organizational contexts.


Latin American practice & process gathering (LAPPG) 2024

LAPPG 2024 is an opportunity for the consolidation of a Latin American community dedicated to practice and process research. This is a space for promoting international collaboration with a focus on LATAM and the exchange of knowledge to create networks and capacity for high-impact research. We invite researchers and PhD students interested in practice and process approaches to Management & Organization Studies, and practitioners: entrepreneurs, consultants and managers to register and join us in Medellín from December 3-6.
The Latin American Process and Practice Gathering 2024 (LAPPG) features three core activities:

  • The Academy of Management Review (AMR) Idea Development Workshop (no registration fee required).

  • The comprehensive program, which includes:

  • An online asynchronous pre-program introducing key concepts of practice and process research.

  • Keynotes

  • Research clinics

  • Practitioner sessions: tailored for business owners, consultants, and executives to improve their skills and knowledge.

The key event dates are:

  • 15th Sept – 30th Nov: Online asynchronous preprogram.

  • 3rd Dec: Academy of Management Review (AMR) Idea Development Workshop (no registration fee required; registration link provided soon).

  • 4th Dec – 6th Dec: Conferences and workshops with top international researchers.

  • 6th Dec: Research Clinics

The early bird rate for the event until June 30 is $850,000 COP (approx. 220 USD) and the regular rate is $1,015,000 COP (July 1 onwards). If you are a practitioner interested in participating in the talks for entrepreneurs, consultants, executives, and professors in management, the practitioner event rate is $325,000 COP.

The Academy of Management Review (AMR) Idea Development Workshop

The Academy of Management Review (AMR) Idea Development Workshop is primarily geared toward early career researchers (e.g., assistant professors and postdoctoral fellows) and PhD students who are interested in publishing in AMR – the highest-ranked journal publishing conceptual and theoretical manuscripts in management. Registration requirements are separate from the LAPPG event registration, and no registration fee will be required.

Register here.

The LAPPG event

The main event provides a space for the consolidation of a sustainable Latin American research community for the study of practices and processes, transferring cutting-edge knowledge from the global academic conversation to create networks and capacity for high-impact research.
The event includes an online preprogram that introduces key concepts of practice and process research, access to conferences and workshops that feature top researchers, research clinics, and the Academy of Management Review (AMR) Idea Development Workshop. The key event dates are:
The in-person event includes workshops by the world’s leading scholars and will address the topics of Process and Practice studies, Organising, Strategy as Process and Practice (SAP) and Entrepreneurship as Process and Practice (EAP).

Practitioner sessions

Sessions for consultants and managers focusing on organizational practices and processes. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn, network, and share experiences with industry leaders as they address relevant related issues. These sessions are designed to provide practical knowledge and cultivate professional relationships.

Academic agenda
About Colombia and the event
More information: lappg@eafit.edu.co
Organizing Committee
  • Cristina Velez Valencia, Ph.D.
  • Martha Eugenia Reyes Sarmiento, Ph.D.
  • Luz María Rivas Montoya, Ph.D.
  • Maria Andrea De Villa Correa, Ph.D.
  • Mariano Gentilin, Ph.D.
  • Diego Rene Gonzales Miranda, Ph.D.
  • Jorge Iván Vélez Castiblanco, Ph.D.
  • Natalia González Salazar, Ph.D.
  • Heiko M. Schmidt, Ph.D.
  • Lenis Yelin Araque, Ph.D.
  • Oscar Andrés Galindo Rodriguez, Ph.D(c).
  • Manuel Alejandro Henao Restrepo, Ph.D(c).
  • Lucia Palacios Moya, Ph.D(s).
  • Juan Sebastián Aristizábal Gómez, Ph.D(s).
  • Virginia Helena Duque Tirado, Ph.D(s).
  • Laura Alzate Aguirre
  • Laura Manuela Pérez Sáenz
  • Natalia Vásquez Piedrahita



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